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The Pure Joy of Food
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happy birthday
This is just the bread basket
From L'Atelier

and every one was delicious!
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A fantastic, delicious, worth-every-penny, birthday meal!
12th-Jun-2011 08:28 pm - More KGB @Harrah's Las Vegas
old spice, boat

mac n cheese sticks

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11th-Jun-2011 11:12 pm - KGB @Harrah's Las Vegas
gamble, dice

Lamb burger with sweet potato tots at KGB (Kerry's Great Burgers) at Harrah's Las Vegas.

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11th-Jun-2011 12:07 pm - @ airport
gamble, dice

Shared a mushroom burger for brunch.  Wine for me (not pictured) and some lemonade concoction

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11th-Jun-2011 09:33 am - airplane bentos
gamble, dice

I'm off to Las Vegas.  I made some Vegas bentos for the flight!

carrots, mixed olives, babybels shaped like dice (they are a bit squared off, but that's hard to see in the pic), cheddar cube and mini cheese sandwich.

Off I go!

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3rd-May-2011 10:24 pm - Mutant!
data, wtf
From FoodiePatootie Food

(And it's not even Freaky Food Friday!)
3rd-May-2011 10:20 pm - Simon Prime Steaks and Martinis
miss piggy
New Year's Day 2011 at Simon Prime Steaks and Martinis

From Simon Prime

Cotton Candy!!

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27th-Apr-2011 09:26 am - OOPS!
I have a ton of pics and other fun things to post here...and I've been very lazy and a bad community owner. I promise to rectify that.

Anyway, this isn't exactly a food post, but a drink post.

Zico chocolate coconut water! I drink coconut water and I prefer Zico. On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I noticed the new flavor of chocolate! So, of course I purchased some. I finally tried it the other day:

1. It is NOT just coconut water, there is also cocnut cream in it. So it is not fat-free like other flavors.

2. However, the coconut cream almost makes it like chocolate milk. It's a darkish chocolate flavor (I don't eat a lot of chocolate, so maybe it seems bolder to me because of that) and delicious!

3. I do not see drinking this flavor as I do the others (after a night of too much wine; after/during a workout).

4. I cannot see drinking a whole bottle of this as I do the others because it's pretty rich.

5. I can see it being a treat that is better for you than a chocolate bar (or 6) and I plan on purchasing this flavor again (although, not by the case as I do the other flavors).

Conclusion: if you like chocolate and want a good source of electrolytes, I recommend Zico chocolate coconut water!
17th-Jan-2011 11:09 am - Taco seasoning
Taco seasoning is a great spice mix and I use it often. However, I often find it too salty (it is 50% salt) and decided to try to make my own.
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3rd-Jan-2011 02:38 pm - Cooking for 2011
swedish chef
I was really lazy in 2010. I didn't cook often enough; ate out too much (gained a bunch of weight).
I took today as an extra vacation day and I've started cooking some stuff to get me through...well, however long it gets me through.
Nothing picture worthy yet, just a pot of couscous and a pot of oatmeal.
My breakfast for my first day back at work is going to be my "pina colada oatmeal." (Also known as pina colada couscous, brown rice, quinoa, millet...)
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I'm also makingBaked Oatmeal Bars They are in the oven now, so I'll post more once they are done. I plan on wrapping them individially and putting them in the freezer for a grab and go.
I used almond milk, raisins and leftover a Trader Joe's trail mix (I forgot the name, but it's cranberries, pineapple, cashews, almonds (more!) and macademias). I picked out the dried fruit, cut up the pineapple pieces and chopped the nuts. I also added coconut. More to follow...
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