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This community was created to discuss all things foodie! Made a great dinner last night? Ate the greatest meal ever? Had the worst cheese plate? Had a dream about a giant cake? Dying because you can't have foie gras in your state? Need a recipe for jicama? Just met Bobby Flay? Post about it.

If it has to do with eating food, cooking food, shopping for food, reading about food, photographing food - this is the place to be!

Usual "be a courteous human" rules apply. I request that people don't arbitrarily pimp their communities, journals, stores or websites here; however, if you have the world's greatest foodie community, journal, store or website, and you think we would be interested, it will be allowed. Please note that this decision is entirely at my discretion, as is what posts are "all in good fun" and what posts are "ban-worthy."

Bon Appetit!